Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit: Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective #1


Miranda "Randi" Rhodes is no ordinary kid. Her father writes mystery novels featuring the character Glenn Street, a smart female detective who puts the bad guys away and says, "Game over, loser." Since her mother's death last year Randi has been using the persona of Glenn Street to solve mysteries around their neighborhood in New York. But now her dad has sold the brownstone and moved them back to his hometown of Deer Creek, Tennessee. Randi is pretty sure that she will be bored to death before school starts in the fall, but she's wrong. Soon after they move in, there is major theft in the small town. And there are plenty of suspects - the cranky owner of the fishing supply shop, the greedy banker, the smarmy mayor, the man who just purchased the run-down cabin on the edge of town, the kid who keeps following people around...Who could it be? With her Tae Kwon Do and detective skills, plus some help from a new friend or two, Randi will do her best to solve the mystery and save the town.

This is a wonderful middle grades story. There are scares, laughs, friends, enemies, several mysteries, and great characters.

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