Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Quick, Little Monkey!


In a story that reminds me of Stellaluna (by Janell Cannon), we meet Little Monkey. She travels through forest, swinging on vines, leaping onto branches, while clinging to Papa's back. He teaches her how to hide from black hawk-eagles flying overhead, ocelots stalking through the trees, or emerald tree boas slithering along the tree limbs. Little Monkey has a close call with several predators when she slips from her hiding place and falls to the forest floor, the suspense keeps us turning the pages breathlessly to see how things end.

Sarah Thomson has created an introduction to the world of pygmy marmosets that shows the habitat and dangers. She also shows the care and protection given to the young monkeys by their parents, especially their fathers. Lita Judge's pencil and watercolor illustrations show the thick branches and ropy vines, the brightly colored butterflies and birds, and the wide-eyed curiosity of the little marmoset. The return of Little Monkey and Papa to the rest of the marmosets, with the beautiful parrots flying overhead, is a triumphant scene.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher for review purposes. Curious City DPW has a wonderful STEM story hour kit for the book.

*  Update - 08/01/2016 We have added this title to the Fairview Library.

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