Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Fresh Delicious: Poems from the Farmers' Market


Poems describe the various produce available at the farmers' market accompanied by acrylic and collage illustrations. Families of various types of animals are buying and selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Each page features something different from tomatoes to watermelon. Whimsy is woven throughout the collection in a way that is sure to have readers laughing. For instance, a hippo and giraffe dressed as pirates are examining a treasure chest full of farm-fresh eggs, while on another page animals peek out of portholes in cucumber submarines. The description of okra as "mouse-sized swords" with "fuzzy sheaths" will surely produce chuckles. And the first poem welcoming everyone to the market and the last poem describing the closing of the day frame out the whole collection nicely.

The pairing of text and illustrations works perfectly together to bring the imagery of the words to life. It may even tempt some young readers to give a few of the vegetables a try out of curiosity. Teachers will find it an entertaining way to introduce poetry or descriptive writing to elementary-age students. Similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia all appear within the book. I must warn you that the animals having such fun spitting watermelon seeds may encourage kids to do the same.

I received a book from the publisher for review purposes.

*Update 08/01/2016 We have added this book to the Fairview library. 

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