Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Parents for Sale


It's a common enough story - a family gets a pet which the children promise to care for, but then the parents wind up doing all the work. Luke and Lucy's parents are tired of walking Pistachio, the dog, and tired of frequently reminding the children to fill her water and food bowls. Although the kids beg and plead, their parents decide to sell Pistachio to a family that will care for her properly. But Luke and Lucy decide to sell their parents instead. The "For Sale" sign they put in the yard attracts plenty of attention, but also causes some unexpected problems. Will the family come to a happy solution to the problem?

Dr. Nicole has taken this commonplace story and given it a unique twist. It's not just the decision to sell their parents that is unusual, but the final person who responds to their sign is very unexpected. Each of the children who wants to buy the unfortunate parents has a different reason for wanting a new mother and father, which helps to illustrate the fact that no family is perfect. Young readers can take away from this book lessons about responsibility and being wary of strangers, but they will most likely remember the humorous parts best.

The audio book version has two narrators, one male and one female, so that the parts for each character are voiced by the same gender. (That isn't always the case, so it is a nice touch.) The narration is at a comfortable speed for young readers.

I received e-book and audio book copies from the author for review purposes.

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