Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: Into the Lead


This would be a good book to give a young reader who is fascinated with the ocean. Bob is determined to help ocean animals and preserve their habitat. He has ocean friends like Doc (a sea turtle), Al (a dolphin), and Tom (a whale). His constant companion is a hummingbird named Xena. With some supervision by his mentor, Miss Mary Marine, Bob helps to seal a crack in the ocean floor that is causing an oil spill. But when Mary has to leave for Great Lizard Island, Bob must take over his mentor's job and protect the ocean and its creatures. All the responsibilities seem like they might be too much to handle, but Bob takes some good advice and finds a young helper to train. 

Many of the problems that Bob and the others solve actually occur in real life, too. Things like oil spills, dolphins tangled in fishing nets, animals beached and unable to return to the water on their own, and placing trackers on whales are all situations that marine biologists and conservationists face. And, just as in real life, it helps to have friends for support, added muscle power, and wise counsel. I wish that Bob was a bit more confident in his own abilities, but he does not give up or let his fears stop him from helping others. The lessons of perseverance, teamwork, and problem-solving are valuable for young readers.

Those interested in oceanography, ocean animals, or conservation may want to find the rest of the series once they finish this book. The books are written in rhyming text, with colorful illustrations. It is a short book for those just moving into chapter books, or would also make a good read-aloud. 

I received a copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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