Friday, March 17, 2017

Winter Reading 2017 The Crow and the Big Oak Tree


Crow thinks he is really something special. So special that only the biggest and best tree in the whole forest will do as his home. And he is NOT going to share. It doesn't matter that there is plenty of room for the other animals, or that they haven't done anything to him. Crow runs off anyone who even thinks about living in "his" tree. Then he finds out that maybe having some neighbors wouldn't be so bad.

Toole has written a story very much like a fable. The character of Crow is proud, selfish, and bossy. He doesn't think that he needs anyone for any reason, or that anyone else is as good as he is. In the end, he learns an important lesson about valuing others and what they can contribute to a community. As children gain skills and independence during their elementary school years, it is easy for them to begin thinking that they don't need anyone. "I can do it myself" becomes a familiar refrain. This story  reminds them that everyone needs help once in a while.

I received a copy of the book from the author for review purposes. Author Anne Toole was a first grade teacher and an ESOL instructor before she began writing children's books. This is her fifth book.

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