Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter Reading 2017 I'M NOT LITTLE!


Fans of Lulu, the Big Little Chick can add another favorite to their pile of bedtime stories. Little Shaggy, the protagonist of I'm Not Little! has the same sort of determination to prove he is bigger than everyone believes. Tired of being treated as a little monster, with everyone constantly offering him a little story, a little walk, or a little pet name, "Little Shaggy has a little news." He declares to everyone, "I'M NOT LITTLE!" And then he throws "a little temper tantrum." 

Any child who has ever become frustrated with this sort of treatment will have a little sympathy with Shaggy. It is cathartic to watch him hurling toys through the air and venting his feelings to the adults in charge. The illustrations by Glenn Thomas perfectly complement the story. Shaggy and his family resemble the colorful characters from "Monsters, Inc." with horns, fangs, and odd-shaped bodies. When he stomps his little feet around his bedroom, it is amazing how much expression is shown in Mom and Dad's eyes as they peer around the edge of the door. 

A perfect story for someone who is about to become a big brother or big sister and is ready to claim their "big" status, or for any young reader who is tired of being a cute little tyke and ready to step into some big-kid shoes. If you have any fans of Pixar's "Monsters, Inc." and "Monsters University," hand them this book and watch them smile.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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