Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter Reading 2017 Toucans, Too


The author of Cockatoo, Too is back with another book, and the cockatoos are back, too. This time the cockatoos are busy making two-can stew (adding two cans of ingredients). But the toucans misunderstand and think that some "toucan stew" is being created. It all gets worked out, but in the meantime it is sure to have readers laughing out loud. It is also tempting to repeat all the phrases, trying them out in different voices and putting emphasis on different syllables to change the meanings around. 

Murguia's illustrations are bright and engaging. The cockatoos with their mohawk-like feathered crests have their large eyes wide open in earnestness. The toucans show their horror at the thought of toucan stew with their gaping beaks and the eyebrows jumping off their faces in alarm. The gnus watching everything from their spot offshore seem like spectators at a tennis match, their eyes looking this way and then that. 

This is a true picture book that depends upon the illustrations to make the meaning clear. With very few words, readers have to pay careful attention to the details to build the story and grasp the humor. Teachers looking for books to help with visual literacy skills would find this a great text for a lesson. It would also be perfect for discussing word play and homophones. Those who have already discovered Cockatoo, Too will be delighted to have this companion book.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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