Sunday, March 5, 2017

Winter Reading 2017 Digging for Dinos (Haggis and Tank Unleashed #2)


Jessica Young continues to expand on her range of titles and characters. First we had the picture book My Blue Is Happy, and then her early chapter book series for Scholastic's Branches featuring Haggis and Tank. These two doggie friends are opposites in many ways. Haggis is small,  well-groomed, and he seems very sensible. Tank is large, a little messy, and she seems a bit on the goofy side. When Tank discovers a large bone in the yard, she is certain that it is a dinosaur bone and convinces Haggis to go searching for dinos with her. What ensues is a humorous adventure.

Kids will enjoy the relationship of the two friends, the humor of Tank misunderstanding what Haggis says (reminiscent of Amelia Bedlia), and the delightful scenes of the pals having fun with their new acquaintance - the triceratops. Adults will be able to laugh along with young readers as they sympathize with the frustration Haggis feels about Tank's confusion over where the dinosaurs are. "There aren't any left?" "There aren't any right?" "So where are they - left or right?"  James Burks does a wonderful job illustrating the story, capturing Tank's wide-eyed wonder at everything around and the long-suffering patience of Haggis as he indulges his friend's desire for adventure.

Great for readers just beginning the transition from picture books to chapter books.

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