Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fall Reading 2017 Revolutionary Rogues: John Andre and Benedict Arnold


Looking for a great piece of writing to compare and contrast two characters? Look no further - Revolutionary Rogues does just that. Read along as the bruised pride and and disappointment of Benedict Arnold lead him to betray his country. See how he schemes and plots, even tricking his own men into becoming British prisoners. And in comparison, see the loyal British officer Major John Andre as he deals with Arnold to try and end the war. While Arnold manages to escape to safety with the British, Andre is not so lucky.

There are many points that can be discussed as this story is read. What are the motivations of each man? Were they correct in the way they acted? The name of Benedict Arnold has become synonymous with a traitor; is that historically accurate? Should General Washington have listened to the pleas of Sir Henry? Which of the men was the bravest and why? What would you have done in their place?

After this brief introduction to the time period, young readers may begin looking for more information about the Revolutionary War and the figures on both sides. 

A good addition to library and classroom collections about the time period. Great for personal reading or a read-aloud to a class.

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