Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Summer Reading 2018 Professor Astro Cat's Space Rockets


Professor Astro Cat and his companions explore the history of rockets. The book begins with an explanation that "in order to learn about space, we send astronauts or space probes." There is also  discussion of gravity and how strong a vehicle is needed to escape from Earth. The thrust of a rocket engine is compared to the air escaping from a balloon. The early participants of space travel including fruit flies, dogs, and monkeys are covered. Several spreads on the Apollo 11 mission cover the parts of the rocket, the stages of the launch, the moon landing, and getting the crew back to Earth. Then there is an explanation of the space shuttle program and a brief overview of several missions. Final pages cover the Orion spacecraft and the possibility of civilian rides in rockets in the future. A glossary includes useful terms for readers.

This is a title that can hold the interest of very young students with its charming characters and colorful illustrations. It gives details from a few stages of the space race, but leaves enough mystery to spark interest in further study for older students. Professor Astro Cat remains the coolest feline scientist in the solar system. He and his friends seem to have a grand time going over various highlights in the history of rockets and famous astronauts such as Yuri Gagarin, Sally Ride, and Guion Bluford. 

I received a review copy from the publisher.

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