Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer Reading 2018 Science Comics: Trees: Kings of the Forest


Another volume of Science Comics presents the topic of trees. A lively acorn is educated about the importance of plants and the life of trees. A small frog, a fern leaflet, a squirrel, and a mushroom all help explain things. They show Acorn photosynthesis, the structure of plant cells, and other details. Light absorption, allelochemicals, pollination, and the spread of seeds are explained. His instructors also point out that trees are a keystone species and help with weather control, while also discussing species diversity and convergence. Several illustrations show plants as the bottom of the food pyramid and how Earth is a closed system.

This would be a great title to use in a study of plant life, food chains, adaptations and related science topics. A large glossary, a page of facts about acorns, a two-page leaf guide, and suggestions for further reading are in the back matter.

Highly recommended for middle grade readers and up. I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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