Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer Reading 2018 Ski Soldier: A World War II Biography


Peter Seibert founded the famous ski resort in Vail, Colorado - but first he was a kid in love with skiing. This easily readable biography covers Peter's life from his first discovery of skis at age seven through his time in World War II with the 10th Mountain Division and then his successful ski resort. Archival photos are scattered through the book, sometimes as background, sometimes as a feature. The images show Peter with his family, classmates, and fellow soldiers. There are also a few pen and ink sketches by Wilson Ware, an officer in the 86th Regiment, who also served in Italy during WWII. 

This is a book that is very accessible. The text is sparse, a bit like free verse poetry, with plenty of blank space on the page. For those who are intimidated by dense text, this will be a welcoming look. The photos show plenty of action on the ski slopes and also scenes of the men during their military training and deployment. Readers interested in sports and military history will enjoy this story that combines both, showing how Seibert's love of skiing aided him in a way to serve his country and then gave him a reason to stick with his physical therapy when he returned home.

Highly recommended for middle grades and up, especially those studying World War II. I read a review copy provided by the publisher. The book will be published on September 11, 2018.

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