Thursday, November 25, 2021

Fall Reading 2021 Merriam Webster's Word of the Day


Do you know someone who loves unusual words such as kerfuffle, bamboozle, or  defenestrate? Then you should give them a copy of this book. Each day a different word is featured with the pronunciation, definiton, and an anecdote that uses the word in context. At the end of each  month is a story that includes all the words from that month (shown in bold). There is even a QR code to access a read-aloud of the story. There are also a group of words around a theme in each month's list; it might be words related to disasters (mayhem, fiasco, pandemonium) or words to use when you can't remember the name of something (gizmo, thingamjig, doohickey). Amusing illustrations show animals acting out the definitions - a white horse paints black stripes on itself to "hoodwink" others into believing it is a zebra, or a hyena falls over laughing with a great "guffaw." 

Perfect for logophiles who are always collecting new words, or to give to a teacher to use in their classroom to share unusual words with their students.

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