Sunday, April 16, 2023

Spring Reading 2023 Garvey's Choice: The Graphic Novel

Just when you think Nikki Grimes can't get any better - she does the unexpected and adapts her wonderful book into an incredible graphic novel. Yes - Garvey's Choice: The Graphic Novel is coming to bookstores this June! As the author explains, "About two-thirds of the tanka poems remain intact...Others have been adjusted." Whether the poems were able to be transplanted without change into the new format or had to be adjusted because "lines had to be broken between narrative text and speech balloons," the flow of the story and the incredible writing style are still there.

The illustrations capture Garvey's struggle to be seen and accepted by his father, dealing with bullies at school who tease and call names, and the strength of his friendship with Joe. Traveling through the school year with Garvey as he works on his body image, makes new friends, joins chorus...the words and pictures weave together to show the highs and lows he feels. Adults may find themselves nodding in agreement as Garvey loses himself in A Wrinkle in Time or croons along with Luther Vandross. 

Recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed the original version (and its sequels), but also to kids you know who are dealing with weight or other physical/appearance issues, have difficulty communicating with their parents, or are nervous about pursuing their dreams. It would also work well as a mentor text for poetry units. Due out June 6 - so mark your calendars!

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