Sunday, April 16, 2023

Spring Reading 2023 Nighttime Animals: Awesome Features & Surprising Adaptations


Fans of the Nocturnals already know a bit about animals who are active at night like the main characters - Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark. But now the friends take readers on a tour of various animals they have encountered in their adventures and explain how they find food, protect themselves and their young, and other amazing abilities.

The book is organized into four chapters: awesome athletic abilities, sensational senses, bizarre bodies, and powerful protections. The Nocturnals characters introduce their own species as well as other animals such as kinkajous, wallabies, and snakes. Readers will learn that wombats have a rear-facing pouch to keep their young from being pelted by dirt as they dig with their strong front legs, that chinchillas can live in colonies of 100 or more, and that some species of foxes have large ears that can even hear prey moving underground. 

Close-up photos provide incredible visual details and also come with Fun Fact captions that offer more information. There are also illustrations of the characters from the many Nocturnals books. They offer funny commentary and tie this nonfiction companion to the stories.

Back matter includes suggestions for books, websites, and videos for learning more about nighttime animals; a word glossary for scientific terms used in the book; and an animal glossary with a photo of the animal, a brief description, and a note about which story they appear in. 

Visit the Nocturnals website for educator resources, story time activities and more information about the books and school programs. 

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