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A Phoebe Chen Mystery: The Book Bandit

Written by Caron Pescatore

Illustrated by Amanda Neves

Ages 7+ | 136 Pages

Publisher: Pesky Books 4Kidz | ISBN-13: 9781958043097

Publisher’s Book Summary: Phoebe loves anything that involves brainstorming, like jigsaw puzzles, riddles, and word searches. Her lifelong dream is to solve mysteries like her detective father—or ND, her favorite girl detective. So when a friend’s prized autographed book disappears, Phoebe immediately offers to take on the case.

Enlisting the help of her BFF, Phoebe gets to work searching for clues, interviewing witnesses, and compiling a list of suspects. But when the evidence implicates a friend, she realizes being a detective isn’t all fun and games. Phoebe must find concrete evidence before she points the finger. Can she do it, or will the book bandit get away with the dastardly deed?




Phoebe Chen plans to be a detective when she grows up (her father is chief of detectives in the local police department). She’s already solved one case involving a missing locket. Now she and her friend Luana are helping to find an autographed book belonging to their friend Becky. The girls carefully question Becky about the last time she had the book, then trace backward through everyone else who might have had the chance to take it. They discover quite a lot of people who seem to be keeping secrets. But are any of them the book bandit? Phoebe is a funny character. She only joins the soccer team because her friend Luana says they should, but then enjoys it - despite getting hot and sweaty. She doesn’t really see why autographed books are a big deal, but she does like to read - especially Nancy Drew stories. Luana has to work hard to keep her focused on the investigation because she is distracted by thoughts of her favorite ice cream. And Luana seems to have much more patience with social niceties, although Phoebe points out that they make a good cop/bad cop team with their different approaches. For readers who enjoy detective stories such as Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew or Encyclopedia Brown, this is another series to enjoy and try to figure out whodunnit before the author reveals the solution.


Caron Pescatore was born in the United Kingdom. She spent her childhood in Jamaica before migrating to the United States. After practicing as a registered nurse for several years, she entered law school, getting her J.D. in 2001. She worked as an attorney for years before leaving the profession to become a stay-at-home mom—her most challenging career to date. Ms. Pescatore recently returned to law and now works for Legal Aid. Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, and watching true-crime shows. At present, Ms. Pescatore lives in Florida with her husband and children.

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Author interview with Caron Pescatore

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