Friday, April 7, 2023

Spring Reading 2023 The Scourge Between Stars


Imagine that your ancestors left an Earth doomed by climate change to set up a colony in another solar system. The conditions were not good and many of the colonists vote to take their chances on a return to Earth, maybe things have improved there in all the years since the ship originally left. As a result, you are on an aging generation ship that is limping its way back to Earth with the onboard farms failing and dwindling stores. As if that were not enough, the ship has lost contact with others in the fleet and is experiencing periodic unexplained attacks that damage vital systems. Feeling doomed yet? Now add that you are the acting captain, faced with quelling unrest and talk of riots or mutinies, and the pressure is really on.

Jacklyn Albright (that's her on the cover), is doing her best to carry on the way her father, Captain Albright, trained her. When anomalies are detected and crew members are found eviscerated, Jack and the security team begin a terrifying search through the ship for an intruder. Cabins, decks, passageways, lift tubes, there are so many spaces for a murderer to hide. Can they find the killer before it is too late?

This story has the sci-fi elements of ship's systems, robotics, and interplanetary travel. It also has the claustrophobic atmosphere of a tense murder mystery. Consider a mix of "Alien" and "Then There Were None" and you might have the feel of this suspenseful and bloody hunt for answers.

A good read for YA or adult mystery and sci-fi fans and short enough to enjoy in one sitting (which is what will happen when you get caught up in the action). Just published April 4.

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