Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Reading 2015 Help! I Don't Want a Babysitter!


A perfect book for parents trying to convince their children that staying with a babysitter is not the end of the world. Ollie and his best cuddle buddy Stubbs will be at home with a sitter while Mommy and Daddy go to the movies. Stubbs is very worried. He tosses and turns all night wondering what the babysitter will be like. Too girly? Too macho? Too strict? Too sleepy? The possibilities are all too frightening. And then the babysitter arrives...

The terrible babysitters that Stubbs imagines are hilarious and so are the situations he pictures each of them creating. And the actual babysitter is a complete surprise. I think it's a wonderful touch that it is the pet who is so concerned about the sitter coming, rather than the child. It helps to make young readers distance themselves from those concerns. They can think, "Well of course the dog is worried. He doesn't know about babysitters. I would never do that."

Even if you aren't having babysitter anxiety, this is a fun read-aloud for your favorite cuddle buddies.

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