Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Reading 2015 Unbreakable


Have a taste for urban fantasy? Enjoy reading about teens trying to save the world? What about secret societies and legacies of protecting all mankind that have been carried on for generations? Perhaps you want some romance and maybe even a little love triangle added in for extra spice? Then look no further.

Kennedy isn't sure about much of anything anymore. Her father left when she was 5. Her mother has just died of heart failure. And as she spends one last night in her house before leaving for the boarding school her aunt is sending her to, a vengeful spirit tries to kill her. Twins Lukas and Jared save her and take her away from the house she shared with her mother, and she meets the other members of their group, Alara and Priest. They explain the Legion, a group dedicated to destroying a dangerous demon called Andras. Each time a member of the Legion dies, another member of the same family takes their place. The group believes that Kennedy is their fifth and final member, but she isn't so sure. She sticks with them because it is her only chance to get revenge for her mother's death. As they search for the missing pieces of a device they believe will destroy the demon, Kennedy finds herself drawn to the twins and regretting that she is causing trouble between the two of them. She does her best to learn the things the others have spent their lives training for, wanting to fit in somewhere, to belong. But what if she isn't the last member? What if they are wrong about her? What if they are wrong about the device? Is there any way to stop the demon? 

The characters are interesting and each is unique. Kennedy is an artist with an eidetic memory. Priest is an inventor like Magyver, creating weapons from paintball guns and household supplies. Lukas can spot patterns in weather and other events. Jared is a natural with weapons and fighting. Alara was trained in voodoo by her grandmother. Readers have choices of which character they identify with and which type of action appeals more to them; there's something for everyone. And we'll all have to read the rest of the series to find out if the Legion is successful, if Kennedy chooses one of the twins, and if she actually is the fifth member of their group.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

For older readers.

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