Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Reading 2015 Unmarked


This second installment in the Legion series takes us into even murkier waters and more complicated twists and turns. After being found by the police, Kennedy is sent to a boarding school for troubled young ladies by her aunt. She obsessively follows all the news reports of strange occurrences that she thinks might be related to the demon she and the others were trying to contain. But when she finally gets the chance to link up with the others, she finds out there are even more secrets from the past than she had imagined. Other figures from the Legion and its longtime enemy the Illuminati turn up, along with revelations that have everyone questioning what they believe. As the body count grows and the stunning revelations continue to mount, will they be able to prevent Andras from opening the Gates and letting the demons loose upon the earth?

Full of plot twists, emotional confrontations, and strained loyalties, the sequel manages to pack quite a bit into what is only a couple of weeks' events. At the end we're still left wondering if Jared and Kennedy will be together? Will the Illuminati and the Legion be able to put aside centuries of distrust and work together for the greater good? Will Lukas and Jared resolve the tension between them? If the series stretches beyond a third book, the stress on all the readers may be too great. As it is, we wait in a kind of limbo of our own, until Garcia frees us.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

For older readers.

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