Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy


Fans of the Star Trek franchise will find new characters to love in Starfleet Academy. To provide continuity, the story toggles between 2258 when Uhura, Kirk, and McCoy were all at the academy, and 2261 when they are on the Enterprise and a new group of cadets are making their way through Starfleet courses. While she is still a cadet, Uhura discovers a distress call, but runs into trouble trying to access information about the system where the call originated.  A few years later, another group of cadets is competing in a series of competitions in honor of Starfleet Academy's Centennial Celebration. During one of the competitions they encounter the same distress call. Will they have any better luck finding its source and solving the mystery of the crew who sent it?

The new characters introduced for this series are a sampling of personalities and races from the member planets of the Federation.  T'Laan is a Vulcan. Lucia Gonzales and Grace Chen are human. Shev is Andorian and Vel K'Bentayr is Monchezkin. Each of them were chosen for the Academy's team due to their various skills in engineering, marksmanship, history, etc. Unlike the well-known characters, this team is still learning how to work together and appreciate each other's strengths. That gives readers new to the Star Trek universe the chance to start fresh with these characters and watch them develop .

For those who are established Trek fans, there is enough of the classic characters to make them feel at home. Spock and Uhura and the difficulties of their relationship, Chekov's prodigious skills, Kirk's reputation as a womanizer and rule breaker are all included. We also see Admiral Marcus and even hear a little of the reasons why the Academy was founded. And the two groups of characters eventually have a way to connect, wrapping up the story line of this first book and clearing the way for new adventures.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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