Saturday, March 23, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 Sumokitty


Fans of fat cats everywhere, rejoice! Sumokitty is here and ready for action. A skinny stray cat sneaks into a sumo training center looking for food. When he makes himself useful by getting rid of all the mice, he earns himself a place with the sumo wrestlers and the name of Sumokitty. But too much of the good life may make him so complacent that he could lose everything. Can Sumokitty and his sumo friend Kuma both learn from their mistakes?

The illustrations show the progress from hungry stray to fat and contented house cat. Images also provide readers with a glimpse of how sumo wrestlers train. Captions name the moves, offer a pronunciation, and a definition. (For example, "shiko (shee-koh): leg stomp.) And readers may be amused to see the sumo group singing karaoke and  playing video games in their spare time.

A wonderful story about persistence, as well as finding a home and fighting to save it. Highly recommended for primary grades.

I read an ARC provided by the publisher for review copies.

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