Sunday, March 3, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Sharks


Sam Wu has already proved that he is not afraid of ghosts in his first book, but now there is a new danger - sharks! When Sam's class goes to the aquarium he is startled when a shark seems intent on ramming its way through the glass. His flinching reaction is noted by some classmates who take delight in teasing him about it and reminding him about a regrettable incident on a past field trip.

The illustrations are hilarious and capture every expression and quiver. For instance, when the docent urges Sam to pet a stingray we can see his mouth open in a protesting gasp, his elbows shaking, and his wide-eyed stare at the tank. We also have the inner monologue of Sam's thoughts. "Who would want to touch a stingray? That's like asking, "Who wants to pet this spiky porcupine?" Sam thinks.  

Lucky for Sam, he has friends to help him deal with the teasing. There is Bernard who "loves to look things up.It is kind of his superpower." And his friend "Zoe's superpower is being super fast." But of course, Sam's superpower "is being SUPER BRAVE, obviously." 

This series is a good match for beginning chapter book readers who enjoy the heavily illustrated style that also gives them support with the text. Recommend it to readers who enjoy series like Katie Woo and Kylie Jean.

I read an advance review copy provided by the publisher. Release date is March 12.

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