Sunday, March 3, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 The Last Second (A Brit in the FBI, #6)

Even when the members of the Covert Eyes group are on vacation, they can't seem to avoid trouble. Nicholas and Mike are supposed to be enjoying some time off and the beautiful Mediterranean area - but they hear about a downed yacht and spring into action. It is understandable that they would rush to the assistance of the yacht when one of their friends was known to be on board. But things are not as simple as a sinking ship, and would readers really expect anything so uncomplicated from these agents? 

As usual in the cases that the team takes on, there are multiple lines to follow and complicated plots to unravel. This time there are ancient shipwrecks, legends of the Holy Grail, satellite launches, stolen nuclear material, an EMP bomb, telescopes, the International Space Station, and aliens. So ... just an average day for the Covert Eyes. The search for answers has Adam hacking into networks best left unnamed, while Nicholas and Mike travel from Italy to Malaysia, Lyon, and Sri Lanka. Along the way there are shootouts, crashes, ambushes, and even an encounter with Al Qaeda and the CIA. Between Nicholas and his skills on the computer and Mike's weapons and hand-to-hand proficiency, they make a great field team even when the rest of their group is halfway around the globe. The continuous countdown shown at the beginning of each chapter heading increases the tension as readers wonder if it truly will take until the last second to find those responsible and stop them.

This series continues to deliver fast-paced action, humor to break the tension, intricate plots, and the sizzling attraction between the team's leaders. The relationship highlights the mutual respect for their abilities and the story line takes advantage of their faith in each other as well as their desire to keep each other safe. Highly recommended for fans of suspense thrillers.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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