Sunday, March 3, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 Check Out the Library and Strikeout of the Bleacher Weenies

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Today only - a Weenies double feature! Check Out the Library Weenies was released September 4, 2018 and Strikeout of the Bleacher Weenies in 2016, but I only picked up copies of them at a recent conference. David Lubar has a very vivid imagination and uses it to conjure up a wide variety of scenarios and characters. Whether it is vampire slaying, time machines, mummies, or nightmares coming to life, each story builds up the tension quickly and generally has a surprising ending.

These anthologies are perfect for reluctant readers, or those who prefer to read in short bursts rather then extended periods of time. Most of the stories are only a few pages long and have horror, humor, and plot twists to keep even the shortest attention spans entertained. The title stories are good examples of the wide range within the pages. The library weenies learn a valuable lesson about judging a book (or anyone else) by its cover, while the bleacher weenies get a quick trip to a Mayan ballgame to put Little League in perspective.

If you have enjoy unexpected developments and don't mind a bit of bathroom humor now and again, then you should try out this series.

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