Saturday, June 5, 2021

Summer Reading 2021 The Curse of the Specter Queen

This YA story has everything needed for a grand adventure. There is the bookishly smart Samantha, great at solving puzzles and putting clues together. Bennett shares her love of quests and history, and has been away at college getting more experience working with a professor on an archaeological dig. Joana is up for any challenge - from picking locks, to driving fast cars, or cadging drinks at a speakeasy. These three childhood friends are caught up in a mystery linked to the legendary Hellfire Club, the Morrigan (Celtic goddess of war), the mostly illegible diary of a dead priest, and a brotherhood sworn to protect ancient secrets. Between bookshops burning down around them, thefts, encounters with spectral beasts, ancient symbols leading to hidden artifacts, journeys by car and train and ship, there is even a bit of romance that creeps in. The perfect read for anyone who enjoys stories like Indiana Jones or The Mummy where history and archaeology meet the arcane.

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