Monday, June 28, 2021

Summer Reading 2021 Holdout


Readers who enjoy stories such as The Martian or "Gravity" in which astronauts are fighting against the odds for survival will find a similar appeal in Holdout. When the ISS is damaged and the crew has to evacuate, Walli Beckwith chooses to remain on board to call attention to a problem back on Earth. Within the affected area in South America is Walli's niece Sonia, working with an international group of doctors. The story alternates between the scenes with Walli, those with Sonia, and the authorities on Earth who are trying to persuade/order/strong arm Walli into boarding the vessel to return to the planet.

Besides the wonderful technical details of how the ISS and ground control function, there are also plenty of scenes showing the politics of Washington, as well as the heartbreaking effects of deforestation and tribal displacement by unscrupulous governments. There is danger, intrigue, humor, political wheeling and dealing, a massive social media and protest campaign, and loads of affection between friends and family. For those who enjoy space based adventures, strong female protagonists, or stories with an environmental and social conscience, this is a great read.

Publication is scheduled for August 3, so you don't have long to wait!

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