Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 The Area 51 Files

What do you get when you mix a girl who has always lived with her grandmother, her pet hedgehog Spike, an uncle she has never met, and a new home in Area 51? Yes, that Area 51 - home of all things UFO and alien. Well, in the case of Sky, you get a girl who makes friends with Elvis, the alien boy living next door, his dog Pickles makes friends with Spike, and they all decide to help her uncle solve the mystery of some missing aliens. 

This book combines the bumpiness of trying to integrate two strangers into a family, the nervous jitters of starting a new school, and a police investigation. Where did the missing aliens go? Did someone take them? Have they left behind spouses and children to return to their home planet? As part of security, Sky's uncle is particularly concerned with finding the missing group, even more so once he is accused of being part of their disappearance. 

The illustrations make it even more laugh-out-loud funny. There are images of Spike and Pickles (aww), the various aliens that live in Area 51 - including some that look like bunches of bubbles, and scenes of go carts racing through the base and secret bunkers under the homes. For kids who enjoy humor, mystery, and action mixed together, this is a great story. Think "Men in Black" for the elementary crowd.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.


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