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Enter for a chance to win an awesome Dooney Press Gift Pack of books and more fun goodies!

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

Dooney Press Gift Pack:

ONE hardcover book "Squashed"

ONE paperback book "Six Thousand Doughnuts"

ONE paperback book "Dweedy: The Imagined Adventures of My Deceased Cat"

ONE DVD of the original family-produced short film "Squashed."

Four (4) winners receive:

ONE paperback book "Squashed"



Written and Illustrated by Meaghan Tosi

Based on a Story by Thomas Tosi

Ages 6-12 | 80 Pages

Publisher: Dooney Press | ISBN-13: 9781954782051

Publisher’s Book Summary: Aah! Dude! It moved!

Can the mysterious shuddering pumpkin the three kids found in the forest be alive? They’re going to find out when they lift it from its resting place and carry it home. But what happens if someone or something comes looking for it?

This evocative graphic novel is spooky yet ultimately gentle and charming. It presents a tale of unfounded fear of those who are different and the similarities we all share. Told in richly stylized full-color artwork from illustrator Meaghan Tosi whose previous work Kirkus Reviews praised as delightful.



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Based on a story by Thomas Tosi, Meaghan has taken the action and presented it in the panels of a graphic novel with perfect pacing. From the beginning with a leaf slowly drifting down from a tree, the illustrations draw readers into this autumnal adventure. We see a young girl on a bridge playing Poohsticks, the teasing from her brother and his friend, and the discovery of the odd pumpkins in the woods. There is no text other than the dialogue, so readers must pay close attention to the details in the images to grasp the storyline. The teasing and ordinariness of the first few pages helps to ground the story in what seems like real life, which makes the find in the woods more eerie by comparison. Anyone who has watched a horror movie or read a horror story knows that you shouldn’t take anything you find or touch anything odd looking, but these characters do - and we wait to see what will happen to them as a result. This is a wonderful balance of sibling interaction and a spooky experience. The inclusion of a sister as a character, as well as the color palette heavy on pinks, oranges, and browns will make female readers feel welcome. Kiddos who enjoy Goosebumps and other creepy stories that frighten without going too far will have a great time with Squashed.


MEAGHAN TOSI, was born and raised in New Hampshire, earned a BFA from Laguna College of Art and Design, and illustrated this book and the middle-grade novel “Six Thousand Doughnuts” alongside author Thomas Tosi. She is also the author/illustrator of “Dweedy: The Imagined Adventures of My Deceased Cat.” She now lives with her partner Daniel and many plants in Portland, Oregon for the art scene, extraordinary hikes, and many neighborhood cats.


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