Monday, September 5, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 Mental Floss: The Curious Movie Buff

If you are a cinephile, or have one in your life, then you need this book. It is full of analyses, fascinating facts, movie quotes, and tales from behind the scenes. The main text explores films throughout the past 50 years, going over the storylines, stars, and other major details. As the text works alphabetically down the list of movies, lists inspired by the main entries delve into comedies, musicals, or other themes.

Need to know "10 Brainy Zombie Flicks" or movies with "Impeccable Endings"? They have it. What about the top movies from each decade? They have that, too. After a look at "Clueless" there is a discussion of "Totally Relatable Teen Movies." Read all about "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," then visit other midnight movie classics. Delve into horror movies and take a look at six "Final Girls" who made it when everyone else was killed off. Or maybe you are more interested in horror movies inspired by real life events; they have that, too.

Whether you enjoy rom coms, action/adventure, or mystery, there are examples form every movie genre in this guide. Read it cover to cover, use the table of contents to find the specialized list of your choice, or hit the index to see if a favorite movie is included in the rundown.

Due out November 1. I read an advance copy provided for review purposes.


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