Thursday, February 16, 2023

Ada Twist and the Disappearing Dogs

Gr 1-4-There is trouble in Blue River Creek - pets are disappearing and Ada Twist and the Questioneers are on the case. In this series entry, Ada and her friends are once again using their STEM skills to solve a problem. Sofia's dog and Iggy's cat are among the missing pets; the personal loss makes it difficult to approach the situation in a logical manner. Ada reminds them, "It's not scientific to jump to conclusions. We need more facts." The kids decide to follow the scientific method to investigate the situation. Illustrations show the concerned faces of Sofia and Iggy, Ada and Rosie building a trap for the thief, and the humorous posters Aaron creates to warn neighbors to guard their pets. The text offers humorous theories about alien pet thieves, a recipe for the "stinkaroo" that the trap will spray, and even details of Aunt Bernice digging up dinosaur bones with a spoon as a child. The friends learn that "spreading stories without facts can always harm someone." Additional materials include suggestions on how to "follow the facts," how to be a good listener, and even details about the Allosaurus. VERDICT An enjoyable addition to the series with a captivating mystery, perfect for early chapter book readers.

My review originally appeared in School Library Journal, June 2022, p.67.

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