Thursday, February 16, 2023

I Love You Little, I Love You Lots

PreS-K—A wonderful exploration of friendship, Wood's picture book offers a wealth of wordplay and rhyme. Opposites, such as "little" and "lot" are juxtaposed to emphasize the range of the love being expressed. Amounts that could fill buckets and cake pans, or a love so large it could reach miles are also described. Comparisons, similes, and amusing adjectives work together in the affectionate banter between the characters. Pencil and digital media illustrations support the playful text. The two friends (a cat and dog) board a train; one speaks from the engine, while the other answers from the caboose. Readers also see them swim at the beach, fly kites, and enjoy a sunset picnic as they describe their bond. The font developed from Karas's own hand-lettering is a personal touch that matches the cozy mood of the book. VERDICT An instant classic that will be read repeatedly.

My review originally appeared in School Library Journal.

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