Thursday, February 16, 2023

I'm a Volcano!

PreS-Gr 2-Digitally created illustrations and a fact-filled commentary from a friendly volcano introduce readers to the wonders of eruptions, lava, and other things related to volcanology. Images include a diagram of the Earth's layers, a map showing the tectonic plates with arrows to indicate their movement, and an illustration of two plates bumping into each other. The type of volcanoes that form where the plates meet and those that form in hot spots where the plates drift apart are also covered, as well as the difference between lava and magma. Vocabulary terms (e.g., "pyroclastic flow," "asthenosphere") are defined within the diagrams and in the main text, while also appearing in the glossary. Illustrations capture scenes like the buildup of pressure before an eruption, as well as scientists at work observing lava flow. Back matter includes a list of famous volcanoes, eruptions that changed the world, a detailed diagram of a volcano, the glossary, suggestions for further reading, and a select bibliography. VERDICT A fact-filled primer on volcanoes that will answer young volcano enthusiasts' burning questions. Perfect for browsing, research, or classroom use.

My review originally appeared in School Library Journal, September 2022 p. 122.

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