Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 Gobble, Gobble


Cathryn Falwell has created a picture book that introduces children to turkeys - not the kind on the dinner table, bu those that are seen in the woods and fields. Each season they are busy with different activities. In spring, the toms show off to impress the hens and the hens are busy making a nest for their eggs. The babies hatch in summer. Fall has them roosting in the trees as the red and gold leaves drift to the ground. And the turkey tracks are visible in the winter snow.

The illustrations are charming and the text is just enough to carry the reader along, not too heavy or cutesy. It would be a nice change of pace to read at Thanksgiving - a book where the turkey is not in danger or humorously escaping the danger, just a tour through the year with examples of what wild turkeys do. Young readers are introduced to proper terms such as tom and hen, and there are additional facts in the section at the back of the book, "Jenny's Journal." You can visit Curious City DPW for other nature activities to use with the book.

Our school library received a copy in a give-away contest. The author was kind enough to autograph it for us.


  1. Nice to see this here! Happy Reading!

  2. The kids at school love it - especially since they often see wild turkeys when they visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with their families.