Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 Max at Night

In the proud tradition of Bear and his friend Moon from the books by Frank Asch, or Owl and his friend Moon from Arnold Lobel's Owl at Home, Max also talks to Moon. Our lovable little friend Max (you saw him in Max the Brave), is trying to get ready for bed. He goes through all his nightly routine and then can't find his friend Moon to say, "good night." So Max looks for Moon. He goes outside, tiptoes over a sleeping dog, climbing higher and higher until he finally reaches the top of the highest hill. When he still can't see Moon, "Max has had enough." Oh, the illustration for that simple phrase! Max has his eyes squeezed tight. He shakes his fists in the air. His tail is as jagged as a lightning bolt. And he shouts, "Mooooooooon! Where are yoooouu?" What a determined little guy Max is. His persistence pays off as he finally sees Moon come out from behind the clouds. Moon thanks him for coming and Max heads home. As Max finally makes it to bed, Moon whispers "Sleep tight," but Max is already snoring.

Fans of Max from his previous adventure will be ecstatic to have him return in a new story. He is drawn in a deceptively simple way, but he conveys so much emotion from his big eyes and his body language. The little happy dance he does when Moon finally appears is as full of joyful energy as his previous pose was overflowing with frustration. Young readers will be asking for this again and again - and not just at bedtime. The nighttime routine that Max goes through will soon be memorized, including the part where he scrubs behind his ears (another great visual). Readers of all ages will laugh at Max's antics, sympathize with his frustration, and sigh in satisfaction at the successful end of his quest. Highly recommended.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

Visit the Max website for downloadable activity kits for both of the Max books, a Common Core-aligned educator guide for Max the Brave, and information about the author.

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