Friday, April 8, 2016

Winter Reading 2015 Wild About Bears


This is an excellent introduction to the topic of bears. It lists the 8 different species of bears and then discusses what they have in common in their physical traits and behaviors. From there, it has a two-page spread for each species. The scientific name, common name(s), and average size are listed. There are a few paragraphs of text about the bear which describe the unique characteristics of the species. The illustration stretches across both pages and shows the bear in its natural habitat, including an adult and its cub(s). The captions within the illustration provide additional information. After all 8 species have been introduced, then the challenges facing bears and the importance of preservation efforts are shared. The back matter includes a world map which is color coded to show where each species lives, a habitat glossary with small illustrations and descriptions, and suggested books and websites for those who want to find out more.

Because of its picture book format, this would make an excellent read-aloud for a class studying bears. But it would also be perfect as a beginning reference source for young readers who want to learn more about these mammals that look so much like their cuddly bedtime friends. It would be a great addition to a school or classroom library for either use. I am very excited to add it to our library collection.

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