Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 You Are My Best Friend


Miyanishi has done it again. In this second book in the Tyrannosaurus series, we once again see a T-rex that develops a relationship and learns to care for others rather than being a selfish bully. (In the first book, You Look Yummy, a T-rex adopts a lost baby dinosaur and eventually reunites him with his family instead of eating him.) This T-rex enjoys terrorizing all the smaller dinosaurs and is such a bully that even creatures that live in the ocean have heard of him. But when he has an accident one day and calls for help, he makes his first friend. Will he ever have the courage to tell his friend the truth - that he is the bully everyone fears?

The artwork is a clear, graphic style that is fun and attractive for young readers. There are also opportunities to ROAR along with the story (and who doesn't love that). Other onomatopoeia words to act out include splash, slurp, crack, thump, bang. I can imagine a lot of audience participation when this is read. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the inclusion of a few different types of dinosaurs including the tyrannosaurus, styracosaurus, and elasmosaurus. The scenes with the T-rex hanging onto the tail of the elasmosaurus as he explores the ocean and then of him carrying the elasmosuarus on his back as he shows him life on land are great examples of how friends each have their strengths and weaknesses and can help each other out. Parents and teachers will enjoy the lesson about making friends. This is really a win-win book for everyone. Perfect for bedtime, story time, or any old time at all.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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