Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 Rocket-Bye


Forget about rock-a-bye baby, Rocket-Bye is so much more entertaining. Two children climb aboard a rocket and take a tour of the solar system in this fun bedtime story. Rhyming text narrates their trip as they rise above the trees with the houses below growing smaller and smaller. The moon smiles at them, the Milky Way beckons to them, and they imagine they are pirates sailing through the sky. During their trip they fly past each planet, noting things like Saturn's rings and Jupiter's eye as they zip by. They also pay attention to the constellations that they see like Draco and Leo. Stars that are bright and easy to see in the night sky such as Polaris, Castor, and Rigel make an appearance. And after all those faraway sights, they end up at home, safely tucked in bed.

The illustrations are done in soft colors suitable to bedtime, with lots of soft curving shapes and an absence of harsh edges. Readers will have fun comparing the sights from the space tour to those in the children's bedroom. Can they find some of the same objects in the mobile hanging over the beds, or within the patterns on the bedspreads? This is obviously a room decorated for kids who enjoy outer space.

This could become a new bedtime ritual for young astronomers and other adventurers.

I received an e-book from the author for review purposes.

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