Monday, December 9, 2019

Fall Reading 2019 Baby Feminists Too

Put this on the shelf with Chris Ferrie's Quantum Physics for Babies and similar titles. This quirky little board book features 10 feminists from various backgrounds. Each spread shows the character as an adult and makes a reference to what they are famous for, then the flap is lifted and readers see the same character as a baby. Each youngster has an object that relates to their future fame - Rosa Parks has a toy bus, Mia Hamm has a soccer ball, etc. Back matter features a "Whos' Who in the Book"with short profiles of each "and the year they became a baby."

The unique flaps each have a cutaway that provides a glimpse of the picture beneath, making it fun for even the youngest readers (or pre-readers). It could be used as a unique way to introduce these historical figures to students, or as a fun gift at the next baby shower you attend. This is the second book, hence the "Too" in the title. If you enjoy this one, make sure to pick up the first.

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