Sunday, December 1, 2019

Fall Reading 2019 Katt vs. Dogg

Like dogs or cats? How about stories where the lead characters don't like each other at first, but are forced to learn how to get along? Or maybe you enjoy stories of survival in the wilderness? Well, you are in luck - because this story has all of that and more. References to "doggs dumping kattnip into Pawston Harbor," "Furred War One," and "Kattalie Portman" are just a few examples of what readers will encounter within the pages.  

Popular writers Patterson and Grabenstein have teamed up to create a tale about two opposites that must cooperate to make it back to civilization alive. Oscar Dogg is a great athlete on his school's tennis ball team, and is also a Dogg Scout. He loves chasing things and manages to chase a flying squirrel away from his family during a hike and get himself completely turned around in the woods. Molly Katt plans to be an actress and enjoys teasing her younger brother, but follows a butterfly into the woods and can't find the path back to camp.

Humor based on dog drool, easy preoccupation ("Squirrel!"), and kitty litter help to lighten the mood whenever the perils of the lost duo seem too much to bear. There are bees, evil weaselboars, hungry mountain lions, and raging rivers to overcome. Add in the antagonism between their families and the ferret reporter who wants to cash in on their predicament (for ratings and a pay-raise), and it will be a surprise if they both make it out alive.

Perfect for fans of DogMan or Bad Kitty and other books featuring animal protagonists. The pace of the action and the frequent illustrations keep the pages turning quickly, making it a good choice for those who are a bit reluctant to tackle thicker chapter books.

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