Sunday, February 3, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 Do You Like My Bike? and Hello, Crabby!

Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, features several different series and I picked up copies of a few titles at ALA MW. These are good choices for beginning readers who want to move to independent reading. The illustrations support the text and the simple sentences build the reader's confidence. 


For fans of Elephant and Piggie or the classic Frog and Toad stories, here are two new friends for readers to meet. Hedgehog wants to show Harry his new bike, a bike which has everything. He even offers to let Harry ride it. Why does Harry turn him down? Could he really not like the bike with its basket, squishy handlebars, and even a bell?

Repetitive sentences make reading easier for beginners, and the illustrations support the text and add to the humor of the story. A new bike is a relatable topic for young readers and other books in the series center around a sleepover and a checkup.


From the author of A Pig, A Fox, and A Box comes a very crabby character. Crabby is a crab who is grumpy, crotchety, and downright determined not to smile. No matter what the other characters say or do - even baking him a chocolate cake - Crabby remains consistently glum.

The book is full of jokes that readers can discover. Crabby says that something is fishy and a passing fish asks, “Is that a bad thing?” Crabby complains that Barnacle “is always hanging around.” For readers who are not familiar with sea creatures, it will be fun to learn about their characteristics and how they add to the humor.

There is even a guide on how to draw Crabby. What more could you ask for?

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