Monday, February 4, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 Nine Months: Before a Baby Is Born


With two powerhouse names like Miranda Paul and Jason Chin working on the book, it is no surprise that everyone is eagerly awaiting publication. The rhyming text captures the stages of prenatal development and also the anticipation of the family preparing for the baby's arrival. 

"Small. Ball. The point of a pin. Then it divides...Our story begins." Readers see parents and the big sister to-be snuggled on the bed and reading a book, Hello Baby.  And as the pages turn, the baby grows and the family assembles a crib, buys a Big Sister t-shirt, and feels the flutters as the baby moves.

The text names the features the baby is developing and the movements the family can feel. The captions for the illustrations of the growing baby tell the month, weeks(s), trimester, and what the actual size would be. Back matter gives more details about the development of full-term babies, but also includes a "What if...?" section that talks about twins, preemies, and the sad event of a miscarriage. There is also a list of things babies can do before they are born and a comparison of gestational length for various mammals. 

The images come full circle to show the family gathered around the hospital bed with the new baby nestled in the mother's arms. (I heard that Jason modeled the characters after his brother's family. If so, his brother has an adorable family.)

A wonderful book with basic details in the main text and extra facts available for those who want them. This would make a great gift for an expectant family that already has a curious sibling to-be.

I heard people talking about this book at NCTE and kept my eye out for it at ALA MW. Holiday House had f&gs at the booth and they were nice enough to let me have one. (Thanks Holiday House peeps!)

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