Sunday, February 3, 2019

Winter Reading 2019 Super Sons: The Polarshield Project


The sons of Superman and Batman meet up in this Cli-Fi graphic novel. In a world where the polar ice caps have already melted and tons of refugees from flooded areas have to be resettled, tensions are running high. Many who live in the areas where "floodies" are relocating feel resentful and angry at the crowding and strain on resources. With Clark, Lois, and Bruce off to investigate matters, the kids are left in town and decide to do some research of their own. 

In this version of the DC Universe, Ian Wayne and Jon Kent don't know each other. But they manage to find each other at school and begin an adventure looking into recent outbreaks of a strange flu that lands people in the hospital with a coma. Could there be a link between the victims and can a few kids working on the school newspaper find it? Jon and intern Tilly meet up with Ian and the mysterious Candace, who is researching old legends related to the legacy her mother left her.

With the adults out of town, or out of commission, can four kids with various skills uncover a widespread conspiracy and stop the damage before it is too late?

Both young men wrestle with the responsibility of their abilities. Jon has promised not to use his strength to fight or to hurt others. Ian has all the wealth and resources of Wayne Enterprises at his command, but will he use them ethically? And what will Candace do with her legacy? Her mother told her that, "Power is nothing without compassion." What power was she referring to and does Candace now have it?

There are multiple threads of intrigue and storyline to keep readers guessing and coming back for more. There is also plenty of humor. For instance, Ian's secret identity as BatKid complete with a baseball bat and a baseball studded with nails for weapons. "BatKid. Isn't it obvious?" he asks.

Recommended for readers middle grade and up who enjoy superheroes and graphic novels. I read an ARC provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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