Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 Oliver and the Seawigs


Oliver Crisp's parents are explorers and for 10 years they have traveled the world, taking Oliver with them. Now they have decided that all the great unknowns have been seen and they are returning home. Imagine how surprised they are to discover a dozen mysterious islands in the bay near their house. They pull out the dinghy and immediately set off to explore while Oliver begins to unpack. When he goes out to check on them, the islands are gone and so are his parents. That is why a boy who dreams of staying home and going to school winds up on yet another journey, but this time it is a quest to find his parents.

With a talking albatross, Rambling Isles, mermaids, sarcastic seaweed, and even sea monkeys - this is an amusing book. The many illustrations bring the characters to life and make it a quick read. Oliver is a brave and intelligent hero who uses all the skills he has learned on his travels to rescue his mom and dad. I would enjoy seeing more adventures with Oliver and his friends. I had previously read the author's book, Goblins, and enjoyed it; this new title is a very different style of story and shows what a variety Mr. Reeve can create.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. It will be released on July 22,  2014.

For more information about the creators of the book, visit the author's website or the 
illustrator's, or watch the trailer for the book, or the video where the creators talk about working on the book together.

*NOTE - We just added this book to the Fairview library. (August 1,2015)

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