Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 Red Riding Hood Gets Lost


This series is so much fun! For the second book, Red Riding Hood is trying out for a part in the school play. She feels that she is a great actress and has all the lines memorized, but then faints during her audition. One of the boys at school, Wolfgang, helps her up from the floor and even offers to practice lines with her over the weekend. Red isn't sure that she trusts him. She has seen him sitting with Cinda's "Steps" and there are also rumors that he runs around inside the Nevermore Forest and may even be a shape-changer. There's definitely something different about that boy. While Red worries over whether to try again at the next audition, she and her friends are also busy with other plans. They are trying think of a way to save the school since the principal's alchemy experiments aren't producing any gold. Bake sales, pet shows, crafts, makeovers, they come up with a lot of good ideas, but which one should they suggest?

The world of Grimmlandia continues to gain depth as we read each new story. More and more characters from famous literature keep working their way in, such as Red's roommate Gretel - who leaves crumbs everywhere she goes and has nightmares of the cafeteria lady locking her in an oven. We also find out more about the E.V.I.L. society that seems to be growing even among the faculty at Grimm Academy. Along with the fairy tale elements there are also regular school worries such as the play auditions and fundraisers that make the characters seem much more real. Fans of fairy tales, princesses, and magical settings are in for a treat with the Grimmtastic Girls.

I won an autographed copy in a giveaway on The Children's Book Review.

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