Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 Willow-Mia Pig: 1 in 100 Million


Based on a true story, Willow-Mia Pig is told from the title character's point of view. And, yes, she's a pig. When she's just a piglet, she is taken from her mother and put in a crate with her brothers and sisters to be trucked off to another farm. Willow-Mia manages to escape from the crate when the truck slows down and she winds up in a ditch by the highway. When she is rescued at last, she is a thin and hungry little pig that is taken to the animal shelter. Slowly she regains her health, but grows sad that the people who come to the shelter always pay attention to the dogs and no one adopts her. Then she meets Mollie. Mollie comes to visit her and brings her treats, teaches her tricks, and gives her belly rubs. With Mollie's help, Willow-Mia is taken to an animal sanctuary farm that becomes her "forever home."

Willow-Mia's story is intended to help make people aware of the harsh life of factory farms and the need for more humane treatment of all animals. It also shows how just one person's care and concern makes a difference. There is a photo of the author and Willow-Mia Pig at the back of the book, along with URLs for the Humane Society of the U.S. and Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary (where Willow-Mia lives). 

As someone who has adopted 6 dogs and regularly supports the Humane Society, I am glad to see books like this that show people who care about animals. I think young readers will enjoy hearing about Willow-Mia's adventure from a pig's-eye point of view. Snortle, snortle.

I won an autographed copy of the book from The Children's Book Review.

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