Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Reading 2015 Do You Really Want to Visit a Temperate Forest?


This entire series is a wonderfully illustrated introduction to various biomes. In this volume, a little girl in a red jacket and hat sets off into the woods. Sound familiar? But the text is quick to point out that this is not a fairy tale, this is a real forest in the Pacific Northwest. Details about the climate and the location of the forest are worked in without bogging down the narrative. A landslide looks a little scary, but it does provide shelter from predators for smaller animals. Tree-climbing gear can take you to the canopy for a great view. Or, you could ride a zipline from tree to tree (after all, wolves can't climb). 

Overall, the book covers three different examples of temperate forest, shares interesting facts, and has some cool action with the ziplines and larger animals that are encountered. The tongue-in-cheek references to fairy tales are another way the text and illustrations keep the reader's attention. The back matter includes a map of temperate forests worldwide, a glossary, books and websites to check out for more information, and even some simple conservation ideas to help save the forests.

I received this book as a free sample from the publisher after participating in a webinar on new titles for children. I read it and immediately took it to show some of the teachers in my school, then ordered the entire series. This is a great set of books for younger students who are studying biomes, ecosystems, and habitats. I highly recommend it. (And I can't wait for the other books to arrive!)

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