Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 If You Were Me and Lived in Cuba


The "If You Were Me and Lived in... " series introduces young readers to countries around the world through the eyes of children. The book on Cuba includes descriptions of everyday events like going to the market with your family or using Cuban Convertible Pesos to pay for your shopping.   Throughout the book readers learn the Cuban words (in Spanish) for family members and household objects, there are examples of popular foods, and suggestions for favorite boys' and girl's names.  In the back is a glossary/pronunciation guide for words such as bocadillo, escuela, and muy caliente. Readers may be impressed with the photo of the Castillo del Morro or the beautiful beach at Cayo Coco. Descriptions of the carnival at Santiago de Cuba and the Fiesta del Fuego may have you wishing to join the fun.

Along with the everyday details of home, school, and pastimes, there are other facts about the country and its history, including the vital role Havana played as a harbor for the Spanish explorers in the New World. Books such as this are great as a first introduction for elementary school students to the various cultures around the world. Teachers and librarians will find it handy to have the entire set on their shelves. 

I received a copy from the author for review purposes.

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