Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Transportation: How People Get Around


Fans of Gail Gibbons are familiar with her style of nonfiction. She pairs colorful illustrations with labels and explanatory text to introduce all sorts of topics. This time it is transportation in all its many forms. The opening spread shows a plane in the sky, a ferryboat off the shore, a train, and lots of traffic on a busy highway. The text explains that people "choose what works best to get from place to place." A brief introduction groups cars and other vehicles that travel on roads, trains, aircraft, and boats. Then each group is explored in more detail. Everything from bicycles and double-decker buses to RVs and stretch limousines are shown traveling along roads and highways. Subways, elevated trains, or high-speed passenger trains all transport people along tracks. The variety of aircraft ranges from helicopters to corporate jets, and the airport is neatly labeled to show the runway and control tower. Boats include a canoe, yawl, and cruise liner. There is even a section on transportation in space with the ISS. And the final page on navigational aids is also organized by vehicle type - everything from GPS to wind socks!

For any young reader who is vehicle crazy, or even mildly interested in transportation, this title has plenty of visual detail and helpful labels to accompany the text. Highly recommended for elementary school libraries and classrooms.

I received a review copy from the publisher.

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